1. Red Summer

From the recording Through the Fire


It was well after midnight on a July Texas night
When they rode out on their horses with fire burning in their eyes
The thunder from the riders could be heard a mile away
Jones knew they were coming, so his kinfolk began to pray

There were shotgun blasts like lightning strikes in the dark midnight sky
All the demons from the pits of hell came running through the night
But their cold hearts thawed when they saw the shade of blood from the veins
Of men and women, boys and girls. It was all the same.

But the moon was red and the men were dead. There was nothing left to do
Cause there weren’t no sinless souls alive. And only God could sort it through.

Before the morning dew could quench the fires, the mayor was on the phone
He had the governor in a tizzy. He was begging, “Don’t leave us alone.”
So the guard came and took all the guns in the town.
It was Marshall law in Texas from sun up until sun down.

But they couldn’t change the hearts of men who were bound to their chain
Of judging others for their skin. They were out to shift the blame.
Cause they couldn’t stand the cold hard truth that they were all just the same.
Souls bound in blood and skin and bones; they all had names.