1. Uncle Sledge

From the recording Through the Fire


Uncle Sledge where ya been?
Ain’t seen ya now since I don’t know when.
Are you laying in that graveyard
Under the cold, cold ground tonight?
Can you see the stars a shining?
And the moon with her light so bright?

Did you go down to that river?
Where the water is as cold as ice?
Did you take them horses swimming
Like them cows you run into the night
Can you feel the water rushing
like a flood unleashed from the pit?

Uncle Sledge, where’s ya woman?
Is she laying in the cold wet mud with you?
Did you bring her down too
Like them dogs you used to shoot?
Let me hear you say it, man
Cause you know that I’m telling the truth

Uncle Sledge, where you at?
Did you go down to that lake
Where that fire’s a burning
and there ain’t nobody to save?
Did you wear your muddy boots?
And did they take your spurs away?