From the recording Through the Fire


That day was like no other day I’ve known
And it was just like every day I’ve known before
I couldn’t have known the hole we dug would be your grave
And who could have guessed you’d drown beneath a fiery wave?
And we all learned that sometimes dying’s better than being saved.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions
But the path to heaven’s dug with fire and blood
There’s no easy way to fight with the devil
And it’s not possible to go to war with God
I’ve tried both and lived to tell about it
But I ain’t sure I’m really living now
Up from the ashes I was born a new man
And I’ve crawled my way through hell and back again
Yeah I’ve crawled my way from hell back home again

I’ve often wondered where I’d be without day.
Could I be the man I have become who lives to pray?
But why did it take you dyin for me to live again?
Guess it’s one of those things I’ll never understand.
Why one man’s son will never see his dad again