1. Thunder Bridge

From the recording Through the Fire


We grew up under thunder bridge
And it’s often on my mind
At night I go back all alone
And I’m not sure what I will find
Barefoot boys floating down a muddy creek
Red riders in their hands
Skipping rocks and watching
Boys turn to men
The year was 61

Every time I hear the thunder roll
It shakes me all the way to the soles of my
feet That wanna run way back home
And hear momma say, “supper’s on the stove.”

Now I’m old and the days are far gone when the sound of thunder bridge
Covered up the voice of Danny yelling “boys,
a train is on its way through town.”
Well Randy found his train and never looked back; it took him all the way up North
And Ronnie’s dying words were whispered through the rain
With the thunder coming down